Terms And Conditions


The mentioned conditions explain the responsibilities, rights and obligations of all the parties to the mentioned agreement. Our liability limitations are clearly stated below and you would need to seek the assistance of an insurance specialist to cover your goods. Our master policy allows us to provide such insurance on your behalf. Insurance will form a separate agreement.

Work not included in the quotation

The following points have to be agreed upon between both the parties in written form:

  • Assembling or dismantling of furniture and fittings.
  • Assemble and dismantle appliances, Re-connect or disconnect equipment or fixtures.
  • Taking up or laying already fitted floor coverings.
  • Items would be moved from the loft only when provided safe access. The area has to be properly lit up.
  • Store or move any items that are not mentioned specifically in our clauses.

Our team members are not authorized for this job.


The following points have to be agreed upon between both the parties in written form:

  • Payment has to be made in advance prior to the storage or removal job.
  • You have to pay the agreed price in full.
  • Interest rate at 4 percent per annum would be charged on all overdues on a daily basis.
  • Hourly rate removals require an immediate payment once the job is completed.
  • Man and Van requires payment in card and cash only.
  • Payment will be processed in full through the card details for all the customers who are not available at the destination to make in the payment.
  • The Customer has to make the payment through his own Debit/Credit card or should have the right of authorization from the card owner. The third party collection agency would receive all the revoked payments for recollecting the payment with penalty.
  • International removals require a payment by card. 50 percent of the payment has to be made at the collection point.
  • Fixed price removals also require a payment by card and 50 percent of the payment has to be made before the loading process.

Our liability for loss or damage

If your goods get damaged due to the breach of contract or our negligence we are not accountable for a claim less than or equal to 150 pounds. However, if the claim is greater than the mentioned amount then we would pay a price that is equivalent to repairing cost or replacement cost.

Timeline of claims

When we deliver you the goods you have to notify us about the visible damage in writing. We are not accountable for any claim that is not provided to us in written form. You should notify us regarding the damage claim in about seven day’s time after the delivery of the goods.

Our right to hold the goods

We are authorized to dispose of or withhold any of your goods till we receive our payment in full. This includes the charges that we pay on your behalf. You will have to pay in the withholding cost as well.


An Arbitrator may be involved in case of an unresolved dispute. The cost incurred due to this process depends upon the discretion of the Arbitrator.

Revision of storage charges

We tend to review our storage charges on periodic basis. You will be give a notice of three months in writing once an increase occurs.


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